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He's runnin' wild through the streets at night
But he's hiding in the shadows
By the break of day
He's got a clip-on spyderco knife
But it's just for keeping the wolves at bay.
2 am fucked up again
He's living with the bottle cause he's livin'
With the pain insane poking veins
He's standing in the rain
He's got nothing to lose
And everything to gain unwanted
Unforgiving he's tired of fighting
And he's tired of living here
Swigging beer with nothing to fear
He's got nothing to lose...
So he's always winning he's suffocating
The pain can be excruciating and liberating
It helps him forget the world he's hating
Now he's waiting - and there won't be
Any negotiating he's got nothing to lose
He's been bloodied and he's been bruised
He ain't taking any more abuse
He's had enough of their institutions
And all the rules he was told to obey
They offered no solutions so he hit the street
Before they put him away in a deprogramming
Youth care center to rid him of his insubordinate ways
"You know that boy ain't right"
Is what you'll hear his parents say down on the world
And down on his luck he's got nothing to lose
He don't give a fuck about shit
Takin' risks in the street throwing bricks
With nothing to lose... you drove him
To this trying hard to forget the past
He's sleeping under the overpass of i-95
Just trying to survive just waiting for the moon to arrive

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