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Don't know I'm watching you and every move you make
I know what you do and everything you say
I hear loud and clear and there wont be no escape
For those of you who won't cooperate
So don't stand in our way, obey
Or you'll be taken away
and you will soon be forgotten
mind and body rottin'
and you'll pay for what you do and say
I think you think too much- you think too much
We're watching you
And everything you do and say will come back some day
Just look at this fucking mess you made
Choose carefully the words you wish to speak
Confiscated my zines and my lyric sheets
Detained 8 hours, It was looking bleak
They called the dogs, they called us thieves
We stood and watched in disbelief
They stripped our van to the cold concrete
We pulled away to their defeat
We made it to the show and didn't miss a beat
So sign that line the lies that I create
Will follow you and its unfortunate
You opened your mouth and your words agitate
And freedom of speech we will not tolerate

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