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Daddy's Little Girl - text

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she used to stand with a knife in her hand
at the foot of his bed she wanted him dead
for what he stole from her when she was only 10
now it's 4 years later and it happens much too
much too often her bed he visits when he's drunk
and it feels more like a coffin - and if she gouged
out of his fuckin` eyes would it help him see all
the pain the shame and the fuckin` misery she hates
this fuckin` world she's daddy's little girl
now she's a wreck we can connect I don't know
what she's feelin' she concealed their little
secret but it's more than her body he's stealing
I wanted to die the day she cried in my arms
when she broke down now she flinches when I touch
her and she don't want me around

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