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It's midnight and she standing on the
corner her time is money and that's fucking up
the order that's right she's crossing all
the borders standing in the shadows
there's nothing else for her she doesn't
know if she's gonna make it through the night
she don't care she's sick and tired of this life
a car rolls up so she shakes her ass the
best she can 5:00 AM in Gould's they found her
stuffed in a garbage can are you gonna
play the roles society wrote for you? don't
play the roles never play the roles - He
never felt right holding down a 9-5 it made
the ends meet but it never made him feel alive
he filled his house with everything he could
buy but more the possessions filled his house
the emptier he felt inside and he cracked
he's in a world that all his own he left it all his
friends his family and his home it's dark outside
Now it's cold it's raining and the wind is blowing
living in a cardboard shack it's the only thing
he calls his own

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