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My Judgement Day - text


World of shadows paint these walls
Darkness prison of my love
I can’t feel any pain
I live without regrets
Feel no sorrow anymore
Feel no soul, feeling lost
I am the bringer of sorrow
Inside I am hollow
I’m dictator
I will take you
To my hell!
Lord of shadows takes me to my
Dead end destiny
And as I travel to the lair
Of the dragon I will face
All these deeds, all this life
Through these eyes looking back
I can’t lie, I can’t deny
The things I’ve had, torn apart
If you hear me take my advice
Don’t be fool, don’t waste your life
You have a choice I no longer have
You have the chance to save your life
And I will say one more thing to you
I won’t live again
There’s no hope, it’s my entire fault
And I can’t go back
So father please forgive my sins
As I face my judgment day.

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