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Victim of Your Television - text

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"We are live here from the danger zone,
I see a rocket launched, a burning home.
Be sure to tape the dying boy,
he's got a bullet in his head."

I'm sick and tired of hearing it all again.
I'm gonna puke if I see it one more day.
Is this the hard reality,
or just good for the economy ?

You poison the things we see.
You poison history.
Don't want to be,
a victim of your television.

I wonder how it came that far.
There's no life without my VCR.
I've got your pictures,
burned inside my mind.

Cruising around your brain,
you're being used once again.
Don't wanna be
a victim of your television.

I'm trying to leave the mess I'm in.
I struggle but I have to win.
Throw away sensation,
and get rid of the addiction.

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