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The Last Sigh - text

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We're bound together
but free whenever we want
on the old city grounds we're walking hand in hand
not speaking but we do understand each other

For always

Decisions are being made
are we ready to follow the path
I think it's just a question of looking for the signs
when the other one needs you and wants you by his side

For always
we will fight for the dreams we have
and not sleep until the last sigh
before we die

Do we choose for adventure
or let reality take its course
it is hard to make a decision now
but we're confident that what we do is right

Dreams are made to persevere
that's why we have to look for a future
that lies between
the boundaries we set for ourselves

That's why we'll make it
and why the things we want will happen
on the old city grounds, we're walking hand in hand
speaking but we do understand each other

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