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The Great Divide - text

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Pick it up, don't be afraid of what you're doing now
Make it all worthwile this time
Centre all the attention that was given to
You alone in a world divine
With a grin on your face and your eyes open wide
And a gun going off in the nick of time
Are you giving up now or is the rope what you seek
Cross the line and dive
I will come to you
Not afraid to die
I will follow you
Into the great divide
Am I not worthy for you
Reverse it all in the mind of the blind
Make it all sound easy this time
Breathe it out with a sense of enjoyment
Swallow down with a sense of pride
Are you too stupid to see
Faster than the speed of light
Leave the others, let them cry
Time is just a joke to you
Leave them all for broke
Never ever enough
Wanting more and more
Pick up the pace
Do it, do it now
Pick it up put your finger where it should have been
The last time when you went for gold
Take a sheet write it down as it would be the past
Pass it on to the ones you love
Pick it up don't be afraid
Pick it up don't let the bullet fly by
Pick it up the end is near

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