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The Avenger - text

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Seeing the light at the end of the room
impossible to even touch
asking myself if it's useful to try
'cause the torture would be too much

You are the cruel inventor of this play
using my mind, betrayal

Can't stand it no more, the heat is too much
I will have to tell the truth
or will my conscience allow the thought of a lie
so it's easier to say goodbye

I won't take the easy way
of a quick selfdestruct
I will plan my revenge in a subtle way
something you will not expect
for years you have used the goodness in my heart
you manipulated everything I touched
but now the tide has turned, I payed for what I did
I can taste the sweetness of my revenge

I am the cruel inventor of this game
using your mind, to play
I am the sweet avenger in this game
and you will never play again

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