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Ride the Snake (Breaking Down the Doors) - text

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Do you ever stop to think,
about the way we people live.
In another place, another time,
they were doing just the same.
We are killing all the things
that Mother Nature gave,
but the soil we walk upon,
will soon be another grave.

Let's break down all the doors.
Ride the snake.

Sitting on the pavement,
arms streched out,
but if you don't care, what the heck,
you put a rope around his neck.
So give the man some money
to live another day.
Maybe he'll get (back) to his family,
and watch his children play.

Red hair, full of dimples,
eyes look weird.
Stop pestering the kid
or you'll be face down on the grid.
Your menacing days are over,
no more quiet nights of sleep.
I'll haunt you in your dreams,
till you crawl back on your knees, yeah.

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