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Rejection Overruled - text

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From the moment I was laid to rest
I sympathized with late
You leave your mark
And now it's done
Standing on the edge
As we drop the bomb
My tears of rage
A life so vain
To rise above
Your clouded minds
We have to change
The life you fear
The price we pay .
It's the volatile nature of mankind
I refuse to give in
As these walls are closing in
We are forced into submission now
Total shock control
Resilient but still paranoid
Of what will become
Another delusion
Fade into black
Fouled with decay
If this is the end
All hope cast astray
The price to pay
But still we seek
To worship god in every way
Nobody knows
What this future has in store for us
As we march along this godforsaken land
Divinity lies within this suffering
Divinity lies within this confiscation
This suffering
Can you still hear
The words that we spoke
United we stood
Together as one
Second to none
Above it all

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