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Parasite Within - text


Fallacious, fastidious
Ready to submit
Extracting the truth from the core
I am alive in this savagery

Covetous, imperative
Your wishful demise
Witness the power to unlock
The secrets inside

No power, no control
All splendours revealed in time
Twisted spectators bring you death

One forged divinity
Leave no stone unturned
Exploring the maze of the mind
Am I alive in this savagery

Servants, impious
They dwell in a waging war
Uprising from all that is evil
To feast on your flesh

Come out and play
In debauchery
To implore total control
The end you will see
My will to be
Inferior to none
Infamous deadly enforcer

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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