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Still we wander around and around
For a tombstone in a place of death
Where a child was born, left and bagged at dawn
From a kill at noon to a warrior soul
Still we are in search of thoughts
Grasping seeds that the wind blew on
Covered up by fairy dust
Myths kept buried in the sand
What I'm told is what I see
What I seek is in my soul
The knots untangled, providing me
With the gift of seeing the goal beneath
From the cellar floor to the roof above
I see through the ceiling how life evolves
Unfold your soul right now
Lay beside me, embrace the sky
Suffer no longer, enter what's real
Let the struggle hold you down no more
What I'm told I see
What I seek is in my soul
What I seek I'm told
I've been down
Still we crawl in the maze of being
When the answer's near, just unfold your soul

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