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No let me be
Come near close to see
Throughout the land of sin
The mystery within
Hear her sigh
Too clear to be true
For once I’d like
To be within
Rivers flow
Beneath the unknown
Bodies glow
With water of sin
Stains of glory
Sources unknown
Each tells a story
A story untold
In search of the truth
In search of the hymn
That makes me certain
Of what I’ve seen
Mind and soul
For a peaceful hell
For the devil within
Show me how
To live with your conscience
To tell a lie
Without hurt inside
Show me how
Teach me what you know
So I can leave it behind
And touch your soul
How you are wanted
How you are feared
For reasons beyond us
For reasons so clear
Without apologies
Bare as truth can be
No doors, no mirrors
Just dark in degrees

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