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The more the shades start to differ
The more I start to recognise
The dirty colour in front of me
Is the colour of your eyes
Shadows long moving across
The floor beneath my feet
Are steps I'm tracking back to you
And words I cannot see

Frozen skin
Pierced by thorns
From kneeling in front of me
Frozen skin
Ripped from bones
Crushing within

Falsified the stories told
I throw the coin into the air
Polluted by you being here
The incense makes me run
Shoot it down heads or tails
You win again I lose the game
I turn the page I rip it out
You're no longer here

Without me you'll fade away
Leaving nothing but remains
Underneath my sacrifice
Lies a deeper thought

So now I bid my last farewell
The flames will make sure
You will never tell
Another farce another spell
Into concrete into dust
You will vanish now for real
Just an echo that remains
Of a poisoned tale

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