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Fragments of Time - text

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I've been left behind, with feelings beyond my control.
It's like I'm condemned to be here alone.
But I have no regrets, I'm just clinging on to memories.
And they are not about future hope.
It's the idea of what might have been.
I feel like I'm in chains…
For I am left behind
With feelings I cannot control
My trust is weakened
I'm condemned to be left alone
Regret is no part of it
Just clinging on to memories
It's not about future hope
But what might have been
Feels like I'm in chains
And you threw out all the keys
Slipping back in time
Introduction to a crowded room
Feels like my mind is going
Through a solitary phase
Now the end is near
It's getting closer by the minute
I can't get away
From the place I've been locked out
It's hard to see views blocked from me
And to leave behind fragments of my life
Fragments of my time I leave behind

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