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For Us Immortals - text

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Those all-gods rotting here
Still are looking down on me
Growling from above
Think they still rule the time we're living in
Conquer all the minds at stray
And let the myth just vaporise
Become me and you will see
I am the one above
Try to reach the end of time
You will feel it going down
Faith is running out on them
But I am holding on (for you)
You try to live forever
In the tales of people's dreams
So you'd become immortal
For the roads you walked upon
Is faith running out on you
Who's holding on for me
Are you holding on for me
I am holding on for you
Let's wander through the woods
Stroke the tree of dreams
Don't worry about the puzzle
It will never be made
It will never be
You're running out
I'm holding on
You're running out
Holding on for me

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