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Deny all your hopes
Forget all your dreams
Waiting for this life to end
Never look back
On what you have done
It is all the same
Father forgive me for what I have done
Leave the errors of my ways behind
Rhymes of lunacy, total disharmony
Falling apart as the light turns black
Just fall in line
One by one
Just fall in line
As we go down
Creating some doubt
A balance is found
Nothing seems to be the same
A small humble man
Close to collapse
Now able to rejoice
Are we able to maintain and care
For the ones
Who have failed in this world
Do we ban all emotions and thoughts
A virtue fled, a lie
Forever changing
A powerful spell
Choking on fear
It won't leave my mind alone
Yes I am blind
Now cast astray
From the path in between
How long will I be able to resist
How much more can I take
There's no solution
There's only confusion
Forever changing

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