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See the ruins of the tortured town,
it's licking her old wounds.
Torn between the difference
of the political minds.
Raised a wall of iron,
cut the families in half.
What about the children,
who were playing in the grass.

Soon to go away.
Just walking over to play.

It's a land with a history,
a diamond of its kind.
So throw away the boundaries
and leave the past behind.
The black book of this sorry war
should be closed with a bang.
Not a bang that kills,
but reunites the human skills.

But luckily the tide has turned,
a relief for you and me.
See the flags waving there,
together, peacefully.
Let us not be hasty
in the things we say or do.
(Let's) create a better world,
a better place for generations still to come.

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