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Becoming the Martyr - text


Persevere without a trace
Holding on to your true belief
So accept this mischief once for all
Or pay the price, redeem control

When two worlds collide as one
I fear for what I'll be

Out of the silence
Into the core
A vision appears
To blacken my soul
No more illusions
A shade in the dark
Surrounded by death
While the wolf leaves its mark

So caught up in desire
Emphasize your hatred
Thoughts entwine in this collision
Still I wonder what went wrong

In favour of deceit
I'll become the martyr

Revelations come to life
To blow the fuse, piece by piece
Holding out, accept the pain
We are one in this life

As if it starts again
This burning fever deep inside
I know the time has come
To leave this world behind

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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