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After the Hurt Is Gone - text

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I saw the world change
Into a vicious land
All that we know is lost
The coming pandemonium
Am I trapped inside this maze
Never to return again
Expect the unexpected
Or be damned for eternity
The cycle never ends
Who will pray for us
Sacrificial rites
Because we want to taste reality
It doesn’t matter where we are
What will become of us
Alter the hurt is gone
So the hunt goes on
The bitter taste of sweet revenge
No need for sentiment
To recreate the masterplan
I'm losing faith
Because of the pain that I've endured
Your time is running out
Anyone of us is chosen
You fear not the gun
When all is said and done
Swallow your pride
Genocide is taking over
It doesn't matter who we are
What will become of us
After the hurt is gone

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