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Where the Stars Are Born - text

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Keep me close to you,
hold me like you did before.
Let all those memories vanish in my arms.
Open your heart forever and I will bring you peace, would the tears that we have shed,
enough to reborn someday?
Song whisperer,
believer, take me where you own the sky,
feed me with your stories, never let me fall.
Say you 'll be there for me,
and I 'll be there for you,
break our chains and fly away,
trust in my words again.
Cause you know
that nothing can last and our lives soon will die,
leaving everything behind.
When our time its over
and winter reach our hearts,
we will meet in other life,
where the stars are born.
And if you start to feel so lonely,
you don't have to be afraid,
cause if I found you in this life I will find you again
in another one...

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