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The Man Among Two Worlds - text

Where is the glory?
Where's victory?
Where's?! my dreamed country?
The sun looks me but I'm here alone
On this reef
And it has compassion for me
The voice of sea makes me remember my lost days
So far from here in extreme land of the west
My end is near
But I've no fear
Cause my soul will be free
As ancient Celtic king
The flames will turn my flesh in ash
But no sacrament'll be on my grave
Oh mighty sun what I am now?
A fallen angel or a dirty bastard evil's son
I'm just a man
I'm blind in the darkness
Borned by radiant lights
I'm a lost warrior
I'm fighting a war
Where nobody can win
I am an alone man
A man among
Two worlds
Lunge oramai l'idea di patria
Offuscata dalla nebbia generata dal Dogma
Ora un vessillo eretto sta
Ma il vento che lo sferza
Sol! Menzogna é!

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Again Oblivion's Shade

Aeternal Seprium texty

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