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Soliloquy of the Sentenced - text

I stand alone
On this hill
A silence night
Bringing me far away
Flames dancing frighten my mind
I'm not ready for my last sunrise!
Thousands of soldiers fill the valley
What do you want great iron Army?
Mother earth you will cry my name?
Sing my song
So it will resound in the god's hall!!
Creeping spirits steal my breath
Trapped my soul
And bring her to your lord
He say: you are mine, your fury is my lymph!
And now you'll burn, in the name of "Artor"!!
Mighty "Artor" burn in me
Your power raise when my rage is higher
Guide my hand until to "Sidh"
But you not to allow
The collapse of my
Spirit are calling my name...
Spirit now burn my flame!!
Clash of swords
In my mind
Became me a beast of war
With death at my side
Invoke the sacred
Spirit call my name spirit burn my flame
Oh oh oh oh...
You will turn my flesh into ash...
...but you can't erase my deeds!

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