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Sailing Like the Gods Of The Sea - text

The rage of wind shaking my sail!
Oh mighty wave shot again the hull!
Gods of sea! I'm stay now at your side!
My senses are excited
By the vehemence of the sea
I don't perceive fear
From the vessel under my feet
Like bombard through the storm
Now are my command!
The minds of crew are clear
We cannot
Be wrong!
I don't forget the ancient time
When the flags of queens of seas
Waved on the mast
Highest symbol of mastery
Under these signs I'll keep faith of my oath
Genua invokes my guide
And the legend they'll be my deeds
Blows the wind on my sails
How breath of gods bring me
To the end of rainbow
Riding dreams of my life
I'll take the gold
Guarded by the keepers of the souls
And no crown
Can stop my fleet on this seas
From far I hear
The cries of cruel pirates
But I will be
For fight and sail like the gods
Of the sea
The sun shine high
After another fight
And my look it turn to my beloved town
Under France king and holy Roman empire
My mission is only one
The liberty of my Genua
From Spanish dominion

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