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My heart is shifting
Back to the one who's calling out to me
She ties a tourniquet around my neck
Cold embrace but warm caress
My home was never so sweet

And I will swallow
Each pill she gives it helps to ease the pain
She'll take a piece of me and eat it raw
Been away for far too long
Return the dirt to the weeds

Though I'm down
It picks her up
I want it now
I'm out of luck

What have you done to comfort me
What have you done but make me bleed
You've come so close to burying me
My one and only
My emptiness

My eyes are open
But she won't let me go so easily
I cannot trust the words that come from my mouth
Enemy from the inside out
I'll learn to love my defeat

I let you hold me down
Let you restrain me
I sink into the ground
It overtakes me
I've lost what you have found
You slowly change me
I will remove my crown
Let you invade me

Text přidala Lucipher69

Video přidala Lucipher69

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