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I hope it will pass,
This feeling you have
Just know I'm right here,
Just try and hold on
And you give me a life,
And I drink till it's gone,
There's something not right here,
It's always felt wrong

But on a night where no one believed,
The darker half was splitting the seams,
Just baby, hold on,
I'm begging, hold on
But through a light that no one could see,
Illuminate the shadows beneath,
I'm begging, hold on
Just baby, hold on

We don't really know,
Just where we will go,
I can see you're unhappy,
But I'll always come home
And you speak with the fire,
Your kisses burning my tongue,
I know you're living a lie I know you're waiting,
I'll string you along

Though we're alive we struggle to breathe,
You've had enough, you're dying to flee,
I'm begging, hold on
Just baby, hold on
Life is hard and I know it seems,
Our heavy hearts require some peace,
I'm begging, hold on
Just baby, hold on

As the darkness falls,
As the shadows crawl,
Must this sunset be forever?
Can we find the will,
Can we climb this hill,
Can we reach up to the light once more?

If there's a fight then bring it to me,
I'm not afraid I'm willing to bleed, yes,
I'm begging, hold on
Come on baby, hold on
And though the world cries for our defeat,
Our darkest hour will be victory,
If we only hold on,
Come on baby, hold on

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