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I see my life as it should be
I see it onscreen It's not like me
you'll never feel it
you'll only fear it
I'll never silence my lips
they're threatening

I wander out
I stand on slowly sinking ground
against a worlds that's
foolish and selfish by design
and they wonder, how I'm still here
that I'm still breathing, I remove my fear
their empty souls, will never see
they'll never realize, there's more like me

for all the lost and those who feel unwanted
faceless inside the ground that you've been left behind
we carry on the hopeful and the hopeless
try to survive where we know we don't belong

"I don't 'belong here." "No I don't think you do either."

A worthless thought
your good intention fallen short
in living here now, I see your shallowness inside
where I'm going, I'll never know
but others follow
a life, a death, a word, a breath is gone
we stand alone
in rising water we find a home
we exist to be all the thing you are not

we are the lost


I am your hopelessness
I am your loneliness
I am your broken heart
I am the misery you create X2

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