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Skip Town - text


[Aesop Rock]
On the train
Watchin' the rainbows (thank you window seat)
I mean, it's all the same to some
But that cityscape makes me numb
Walkin' the wire between firewater and water - I'll take the tap
Still managed to end up thirsty the day the nursery collapsed
In my hand I hold the plumage of a buzzard
Suffered for circlin' nutrition (seems barbaric)
I may have just saved your children
There's an inborn tendency tellin' me to grip that sickle
For The pirate tyrant breeds feed on your precious little pixels
I interviewed the sun, he said the future's lookin' bright
I interviewed the rain, he claimed the sun's truly an asshole
I was supposed to interview the snow today but of course he flaked
So I let my frigid demeanor teeter and take his vacant place
We 3 sprout from the same litter
Yet amazingly crafted by separate scissors
I sloth from off the beaten path splashed in the cretin blizzard
Half my time is herded toward little lost causes
Half my time is spent pluggin' these leaky faucets
An' I'm here to pose inquiries
I'm here to draw a fork in the road and call it the diary of common sheep aspiring
Little Billy starlet up the block got the right premise
But can't thread the needle without consultin apprentice present
I don't really know you (I don't)
And I dont' really care (I don't)
Can't judge a man's dignity by the wattage in his stare
Maybe that deems me that vagabond you love to kill
But I really ain't got time for the motherfuckin guilt

I'm gone and I best believe I'm leavin'
Pack up my belongings then it's off into the evening
Now I haven't exactly been embraced by the populace
Set sail upon the seven deadly seas of the anonymous
I'm gone and I best believe I'm leavin'
Pack up my belongings then it's off into the evening
An' I'm diggin' a tunnel to where the sun'l never shine
I've got my book I got my dream I've got myself an' I'll be fine
(My time) is the day before the day the earth stood still
(My time) is the day before the soldiers fired at will
(My time) is the day before the hunter made his kill
My time's the final mile before the valley meets the hill

[Aesop Rock]
And I'm an archer
Parked where the farmers barter appetites
Sweet-talkin' harrassment down to a mere flashing of badges
Prototypic landscape chased every step of my well-oiled collective
Workforce with frozen intention festive - wait
What about the captivated?
Well, I am the product of skeleton dancers poised crooked
Scattered amidst blue fields of fiery bliss mixed with
Disease applicant activist rattlers. Fascinate grave child
Oh you're expecting slave smiles after sticking the pin in limb
God, if I could offer maintenance to fantasies I would
I'd place the button in the city square for everyone to push
You see my mission responsibilties range across the board
Until I'd rather be a pen than a sword
I swim a cold lake, make no mistake, I was not ready
All edgy and outta shape, made the company look messy
(Sorry, well sorry) Honestly take it or leave it
Just let me know so I ain't beggin' forgiveness thoughout the evening
Basic locomotive with a whistle and caboose
Tryin to pull my cargo 'cross the map without a boost
Fragile in more ways than ten yet sturdy bird construction
Help the smokestacks puff until the morn, dream torn

I'm gone and I best believe I'm leavin'
Packed up my belongings then it's off into the evening
I've knocked upon every little door that comes about
I'll sweep ya porch if you can spare a couple of breadcrumbs and a couch
I'm gone and I best believe I'm leavin'
Pack up my belongings then it's off into the evening
This turning in my sleep is getting old and older still
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can
I think I will

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