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[Hook x2]
Hey Kirby
Whatcha doing Kirby
Whatcha doing there

[Verse 1]
Hobgoblin, shots of hot Strongid
Vaccine queen deem church socks hostage
9 weeks awesome
Hides in a slipper
Look in her eye like she might be a wizard
Cold met a cat lady in a parking lot, she got the heroes of tomorrow in a cardboard box
And probably hoarding 40 more in the corners of Fort Knox
Swap 20 on the spot and cop the warlock
Back at the haunt, found god in the hamper
Briefs on her head playing Walking With a Panther
Good around misery and golden era samplers
Jeopardy and Wheel at the heels of her handlers
Bet, more than a pet to worship, it's an MD recommended sense of purpose
Here to bat around keys and the means to euphoria
Soon to be hailed, the greatest of all warriors

Hey Kirby
What you doing Kirby
What you doing there
(I'm not takin' shorts)
Hey Kirby
What you doing Kirby
Why'd you eat that leaf

[Verse 2]
Homie don't fetch, only woke to stretch
Under a thought bubble rich with bowls of goldfish
Skittish in the company of stranger danger
Otherwise, chase draw strings, tails and lasers
In a steel cage match with a maze of cables
Brazen, game-face based on Azazel
Oversized ears up, puke in the Meow Mix
Shred a pair of earbuds, remedy his cowlick
[slurp]: Thanks Kirbs, looking like a milli
Keep an old man sharp, keep a cold Chantilly
Spun plum dizzy in a frisky moment
Never lands on her feet though, I think she's broken
Mouser in training, nap on the toaster
Decorate her cubicle with dogs playing poker
15 years taking prescriptions
Now a shrink like, "Ionno, maybe get a kitten"

[Hook x2]
Hey Kirby
What you doing Kirby
What you doing there

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Video přidal Radek_Wade

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