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[Verse 1: Aesop Rock]
I spell 666 star six nine click
Give his telephone a Viking funeral, bye bitch
Treble hook two birds, cheap thrills, free meal
Vacate Jellystone Park with your brie wheel
[Verse 2: Rob Sonic]
Now he sells le cars in Montie burns' Cazal Frames
Half his life was likely to be Nikes on the L-train
Gnawin' on his dog toy, pocket full of deer blood
The only thing that's stoppin' him was Dokken in his earbuds
[Verse 3: Aesop Rock]
Up around noon
Found everything he loved crushed down to a cube
The new Kowloon chowline, two leads routing medicine and gruel
One is hemorrhaging money, the other jettisoning fuel
Identical water-separated pools
It was clever
But it wasn't ever neighborhood-degenerate approved
In swooped jukebox Fonzie, promptly
Bolts on his neck, one tubesock wonky
[Verse 4: Rob Sonic]
16-panel head mutton chop and Ambulax
Double pits to chesty got the ESPY on a camel's back
Handle that Huffy wit' a timely parry
And get all up in your kitchen, money, Guy Fieri
[Verse 5: Aesop Rock]
There is a wildly elusive moment of bliss
In the spaces between being told you are shit
I would openly suggest identifying the closest
And collectivly agreeing to meet if the sky opens
Ma'am? (x16)
I'd like to speak to a supervisor
[Verse 6: Rob Sonic]
Back alley brawl over party guests who want a
Steak tartare but we're hardly pet food
Charlie check booth, Brody's right
You're gonna need a bigger boat and a Holy Diver
[Verse 7: Aesop Rock]
Aggravated people driving lemons over limits
With a neck bop stemming and a cartoon physics
Smart move taught never broadcast holes in his armor
End up another poached foriegner
[Verse 8: Rob Sonic]
Handcuffed down to a toothless tease
Who got an X-marked mouth and a hooch machine
With eyes that tell the story of the woods that fetter
And a chest that sells the ending when it's pushed together
Been through the desert on a horse that's nameless
Now I'm driving through the city in the Porsche naked
Shores invaded by the new marines
That tear the roof off this mother like Buford T
[Verse 9: Aesop Rock]
Untrained pet with a pen name
Chest pain, bet he outlive his own endgame, anyway
Step around the rhythm of the red rain
Getaway car horn, stand by, tenth frame
[Verse 10: Rob Sonic]
Spare me the dramatics to ratchets, smile purdy (pretty)
Flashlight strapped to the calf of a wild turkey
Package of mild jerky, captain to aisle 30
There's a man with a mask and an app that can dial Fergie
Sir? x 16
I'd like to speak to a supervisor

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