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Feel the tensions of the sound
A roaring thunder hits the ground
And magic breaks the air
The rising mist fills the room everywhere
This feeling is so right
With blazing eyes we rock tonight
No one can stop the race
We're heated up from this iron embrace
Blood, sweat, torture
Burning heat
Smoke and thunder
Banging heads, pure ecstasy
This is our kind of pleasure
And this is what we choose
This is our burning fuel
When the hell's breaking loose
This is our driving force
And this is what we need
This is our motivation
Powerful energy
Break the silence of the night
The screaming voices side by side
And wild as a hurricane
We cross the land with this burning flame
Hear the call deep in your heart
It's in your blood and be part
And it burns out of your soul
Oh let it out come on and let yourself go

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