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(feat. Neli Gancheva)
Some day you'll look up
But I'll be long gone
It will be too late for promises
One day you'll look up
And all you'll find
Will be a cold and empty world
Darkened skies and endless rivers
Oh, this world must be mine
Nothing stands between me and this treasure
But the queen of light
We must capture her and close her
In a cage of gold
Where no one will ever find her
Where forever she'll haunt alone
So you say how much you love me
But wanna reign my lands
Offering me immortality
Well, I don't want this gift
I will never betray my people
I will never bend
And I don't want your cunning present
Just be gone from my land!
I will steal her song of power
And catch her in the mists
Where the sun will never find her
Nor the rain ever will
Then I'll conquer her own people
And of this she'll know
She will suffer for a whole eternity
Knowing that it was all her own fault
Yes, you don't love me now
But you have time, I'll give you time
You have the whole time before you
Just think, just see my point
And then... you'll love me
You'll love me
Nothing's the same
Nothing can be the same now
Since she's gone
Cry, cry for these sacred lands
For they are doomed to desperation and ravage

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