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The Return of the King - text


You're on the alert over the night
and you can see the unknown
distant places, you can hear the bird's voice
and appeals of many eyes.
Turn up, the king, as it's decent,
listen to me, you the soul,
here in the black well of oblivion.

You came back -
you, the last of the kings of sunny days.
You survived - your power is great.
Not even Ambloque broke your heart.
I'm paying tribute to you, the sun child.
Finally you found the way to me.
Your mind was cleared and your days were over.
However you have one task.

I surrender to your power,
I don't deserve it, I didn't save her.
Disappointment is the last shortcoming of my life,
It's my verdict.
I'll give you advice, stick to sunny days,
your power is infinite,
but it looks for a destiny

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