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You came back, our master, and you're sad.
Something is worrying your black soul,
something is troubling you,
but I don't know what's the matter.
The dark ages have just begun -
only the storm and flashes of lightning prevail.
But we're lucky, we found the last fairy,
there are no fairies any more
and none will be found.

There's no strength that can return
her from the power of the death,
where I have sent her. I deserve a reward,
but I don't claim any.
She's dead and the sun has just disappeared.
It won't rise any more and won't look into our eyes.

Nobody can call it back.
Yes, she gave birth to the child, but it isn't here.
Something has just vanished from it.
Its eyes were white - it hasn't seen through yet.
It was kidnapped to the woods.
Only the black cloaks and the silver rain followed them.
The paths are under the cover of darkness.
And the magic of the ancient times protects them.

We're at their heels, but you can't see him,
he was white as snow and the blaze in his eyes.
We're at their heels, but you'll catch him,
he'll be black as a dark and the blaze is dying.
You're frowning, it's a bad sign,
and I won't deserve your anger.

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