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Dead Dog on Asphalt - text


Bought a beautifully beat old farm truck
1965 chevy much like my dad had
Bolted a fake rhino horn onto the hood
8:00 the morning of july 15, 2003
I was driving the rhino truck on north grenn hill road
A tight hilly serpentine two lane
At the top of a hill a dog ran out in front of me
Barely missed him
Then a sekond dog darted right between my Wheel
No Way to miss him
Saw him spinning in the road
Int he rest view mirror,
And so went back to drag his body
From the pavement.
Very sad
Always imagined I might také up painting someday
When I was an old man
Maybe 78
But that morning I saw in my mind something I wanted to pain
Later that day I went to an art store
Asked multiple questions and returned
With 2 canvases, some paints, brushes,
Tape, paltette knives
The painted my first painting
The Cover of this disc
I called it dead dog on asphalt.

Text přidal roman59

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