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Pope On A Rope - text

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There's a Cleric in my sandwich
There's a Vicar in my 'fridge
There's a Muslim in my closet
Now my brain is under siege
Catholics in my shower
There's a Bible in my soap
Holy Water is my piss
Got a Pope up on a rope
Turin beach-towels
Bible comics
Fully-posable day-glo Christ
Index linkin-in God we trust
Washed of our sins...
Except greed & lust
Got Jehovah on my door-step
I found Buddah in my bed
Sikhs swimming in my sink-trap
Hindus hiding in my head
Krishnas in my bottle
Pouring Karma in my glass
Got a temple in my stomach
I've got Rabbis up my ass
Pope! Pope on a rope! rope!
Pope! Pope on a rope! rope!
Pope! Pope on a rope! rope!
Can't cope
7th-Day Adventist...
Was lurking inside my shoes
Opened up my trash can,
Man, and out jumped 50 Jews
Mormons in my cornflakes
I've got Jesus in my cheese
Banker-priest stole all my cash
Left billions...on their knees

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