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Undisclosed Treasures Of The Mortal - text


He was the one,
who could control his power,
and lives for all eternity.
He was the one,
who homages his strength,
his will be reprieved
by the gods.

He was the one,
who stood on the cliff
fighting with the beast
and turning into a legend.

You are one of them,
who take all they need.
Your life is a dream
that never ends.

Orks, fairies and witches
Ain´t streange to you
Elexier, trickery, old books
Magic conjuration
campaign and blood prediction
occultism, sorcery
fear and courage split your soul
in two parts

Wise and alone
you walk your own way,
Secure and mighty
you walk through the world...

...the world of your illusion.
The hymn of the wizards.
The world of your illusion.
The hymn of the wizards.

Orks, fairies and witches...

Orks, fairies and witches...

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