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The Carmic Struggle - text


I do all I can... To be better... I'm looking back... To learn from my own mistakes.

I'm looking back... To prevent with all my force. Repeating the fatal errors of the others.

Once bitten twice shy... One error attracts another... One error! Once bitten twice shy.

I try to be better... To manage to stay with myself. I don't want to hear my conscience whisper. You let me down... You could but you didn't want! You did not do your best... You could but you didn't want!

Who wants, finds his way. Who doesn't want, search an excuse. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. As we make our bed so we must lie on it... No pains, no gains! He should have a long spoon that soups with devil... No pains, no gains! Actions speaks louder than words... Who gathers thistles, may expect pricks! In the land of blind, the one-eyed is the king. Pride goes before a fall.

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