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Unattended Man - text


How Could I Open My Mind?
You Stay Behind My Back
But Still You're On My Way

Where Are You? Are You There?
...Conspiracy Of Silence...
Break Me Or Just Stay Quiet!

Love - Be My Hope All Day
Be My Prisoner
When I Pass Away

Hate - Now Is In The Air
It Gives Me Some Hard Time
Simply I'm So Tired

I'm The Unattended Man !
I'm The Unattended Man !

Try To Understand Me Now
I Still Don't Know How
To Find Our Common Way

So Go And Let Me Live Alone
I Have A Bed Of Thorns
Which Hurts Our Souls

Free Yourself From This Pain
Independent Day Is
When You Pass Away

Why Is My Life So Hard?
...Conspiracy Of Silence...
Waiting Is So Tiring

I'm The Unattended Man !
I'm The Unattended Man !

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Ashes of Life

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