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The Tale - text


Lonely Autumn Tree
Lashed By Rainy Daggers
Crying With Cold Tears
Dripping From Branches

Terrified Little Girl
Is Looking At Dark Clouds
That Are Dancing
Deadly Waltz Of Sounds

...Beware Of Dark Clouds...
...Beware Of Dark Clouds...

She Gently Strokes Tree's Bark
Listening To The Wind And Thunders
The Tree Wants To Hide
This Little Child From Anger

Lightning Strikes The Tree
Flash Burns All Around
These Two Beings've Been United Now

...Ashes Of Life...
...Carrying By Time...

Growing I Feel Grim
'Cos I've Been Losing You
Now I Only Have
Flowers Near My Trunk

I Will Always Shade
Roses On Your Grave
Rustle Of My Leaves
Will Calm Your Dream

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Ashes of Life

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