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When Love Comes To The Rescue - text


"I hurt for you and feel your pain
Your tears rolled down and left a stain on my heart
Youre not alone, I suffer too
Ive felt every trial that youve gone through from the start
That's what people do
When love comes to the rescue
Your pain is my despair
I close my eyes and Im already there
Feeling every aching need
And how much you need to be free
(here with me)
Ive heard you crying salty tears
And watched you get stronger with every tear that falls
Youll get through it all
When love comes to the rescue
Come let me kiss those tears away
Discover a reason to celebrate with you
That's what we should do
When love comes to the rescue
When love comes to the rescue, yeah
When love comes to the rescue
Coming to rescue me
When love comesto the rescue
Love comes

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