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Pulse of an End - text

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In this dungeon full of mudd
once called soul
rages a hammer
against the broken walls of our time.
Through the ruins of a lie,
the flock stumbles into the fading light,
Glancing towards the sky
As if it‘s sucking it‘s eye.
They don‘t notice anything...
They don‘t think anything...
They dont say anything...
They‘re merely a shell of their former self
and soon they will disappear
like melting snow
This epidemic leads us to death And this
disease is called salvation!
Caged between craze and reality, Like
moth they circle the flames,
Like wilted leaves they fall to the ground,
as victims of their desire,
as a witness of the fire,
Caged between craze and reality,
Between those fozzilized bars of morality.
I can hear the pulse of the end
the hint of the moment
The Darkness should cover the light
as the Moons shadow the sunlight
I can hear the pulse of the end
the call of the moment
and darkness will cover the light
as the moons shadow the sunlight

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