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No chance to contemplate
No chance to smell your reek
You’ve arranged it all in time
Before I could even speak
Coercion Invisible
Hearing the same words on and on
How pleasant, how perfect
Singing the songs of pure repulsion
The crust of your ego asphyxiates, I can’t defy
That’s how you keep me forever mentally torn and blind
I’ve never known what it’s like to choose
I’ve never known what it’s like to find the clues
I’ve never known what it’s like when I decide
Bereaved is all I’ve ever been, choking in your pride
Drag me into this shell
Don’t let me fall astray
Impose your fate on me
And spare a life of disarray
Pretending delightedness
Consciously groping for your words
Descending to numbness
Tell me how it could be truly worse

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Crust of Ego

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