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Infectious disease in slumber
Lurked at the earth of sleepy valley
Lurid awakening to come
Haemorrhage fever desolation breeder
Epidemic sickness rises and spreads
Highly infectious virus...kills
A mere contact with contaminated secretions
Fate is bound to death
After a three week incubation period
First symptoms appear
It looks like influenza but within seven days
Organs are devastated
Sudden onset of fever shake the weakened
Intense muscle pain and headaches bring silent suffering
Sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, rash internal
and external bleedind quickly overrride
Kidneys are out of order
Liver decomposes
On the 11th day intestinal walls break
While heart soaks blood like a sponge
Cells explode body convulses and throws out infected blood
Terminally ill patient is distorted
Corpses are soon turned to liquid and highly infectious blood red jelly
Cremation has to be done as virus expands so fast
Decontamination starts
Sorrow and distress is what remain
Fear is palpable
As no one knows who's next
Like an abscene messiah taking control of your body
Viral agent slowly put you to death
Like an obscene messiah this invisible enemy
Devours you from inside
Like an obscene messiah stealing your fragile life
You die

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