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Theatre of the bizarre
Witness of Abnormal creation
Grotesque experiment carried out
Secret Military research
Give birth to insanity
Unethical DNA mutation
Manufacture hideous entities
Forbidden fruit of knowledge to dominate
Genetic manipulation to conquer
Human (...) tissues (...) assembled in chaos
Embedded (...)jaws(...) in skinless tissues
Eagerly deformed members ending
Self assembled living remains in disgust
Multiple eyes
Staring with malevolence
Carnivorous enemy
Shapeless living monstrosity
Deviant born abomination
Defying laws of evolution
Cell manipulation achievement
Masterpiece of machiavellian scientists
Turned on its genitors
Now makes their flesh its own
Blasphemous genetics synthesis
New viral order (...) out of control
Turned on it's genitors
No way out fate is cealled
Created to ensure countries' supremacy
Evolutive dominant life form
Cause of humankind extinction
Self destructive apprentice
On governements' request
Created a man's predator
Sublime growing deformity
Incarnated desolation

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