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When the piece of shit was crucified
On the fucking cross
They were close and saw as
Nazarene passed away
Each was the slave of the awe and
Dismay and foolishnesses
What is left for them to do
Christ got that wanted
Blazing fear in reality blade
The face of god
Nazarene you must save them
Nazarene you must save me
All ways lead to death across
His bloody pain
Soon they'll see another world by pervaded heavy pain
Their name is the Christian their craft is their lie
TOT attacks this useless world
To burn their temple of god
In the name of darkness
Spill the Christian blood
Channel of infections this is their moral of herd
Jesus sermonize blessed are fear of death
Negotiations meaningless they all are let to be killed
Terrifically see as two thirds of mankind die
Stay beside me
All will be destroyed
Shit of Christ

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