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Forcing out the lies upon those believers seek the truth
Banished by the blood that now flows
Chosen are the few that make the rules
Justify in denial, disguising all the clues
Enter the place of no return
Sacred scars thy lord Belial
Strike me down, evil unseen
Renounce the crown
Buried beneath
Strike me down, death of a dream
Nothing to redeem (falsehood of hope)
Remain in the darkness, one knows there's nothing to see
Sinking from below corruption, souls converge
Sinful supremacy
The Masters heard through thunder, Altar of deceit
Relics of our final rapture, Sacred scars thy lord Belial
Immaculate, the infernal son
Throne of the adversary
Infliction, the iniquities
Abomination & decay
The innocent immoral one
Damned in th court of the king
Dissension & impurity
False deity

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Birth And The Burial

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