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Disastrophe (A New Reality) - text


We're taught to see ourselves as something invincible
Low self-opinion, is that all we've created?
Assembly line of souls, for lack of principles
We're playing God now that our savior has failed us
Manifestation, heed objective ambivalence
Genetic torture, seeds of manipulation
Methodical machines, we're raped of our innocence
A new reality through eradication

Our brave new world disappears, the Armageddon is here
No mere mortal holds the key, Wastelands - Disastrophe

Defuse the motion, revolution around the bend
We're back to zero, our guards down - we're defenseless
The termination of the mind, it's our bitter end
Contortion divides with dire consequences

Evolve, revolt, disguise, distrust

The road to extinction, decimate humanity
Extreme isolation, catastrophic scorched earth tragedy
Cries of desolation, obliterate technology
The ramifications, remnants of our lost society

Our hands are tied, we're somewhere in between space and time
Superiority, here nothing is sacred
Hounds of hypocrisy, they howl in the dead of night
Chaos it reigns eternal, void of creation

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