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Engraved in Black - text


There's no turning back
Back out of life
Life's adversity
A grotesque contradiction

Drowning in hope
Hope gets distorted
Distorted mental state
Feel the pain of life

I hold in contempt
Those without thoughts
A stupid kind of happyness
Not aware of what's to come

Scarce moment of joy
To good to be true
Feelings lighten up
Who will take it away

Thinking you've got friends
Feeling good inside
Comparative moments
Of joy will fade away
Gaining feelings
It feels so good inside
Comparative moments of joy
Will be taken away


People surrounding me
Don't understand my ways
Forcing myself into depression


Going through a mental hell
Bust up my own mind
Comparative moment of joy
Has been taken away
Time after time
Things seem so different
Don't grow attached to people
They'll take it all away

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